Users of French Payments App Can Now Trade Over 170 Crypto Assets


Austrian crypto exchange Bitpanda recently announced its integration with Lydia’s payments app. This will enable the users of this app to invest in more than 170 cryptocurrency assets, Exchange-Traded Funds (ETFs), Commission-free fractional stocks and many precious metals. These transactions will be executed via Bitpanda. This gives over 5.5 million users the ability to invest in digital assets.

“This collaboration is fully aligned with our mission to bring digital assets into mainstream adoption and to improve investment literacy in Europe and beyond,” Eric Demuth, co-founder and co-CEO of Bitpanda, said in an email to CoinDesk.

Bitpanda is a fintech company that enables both first-time investors and those who are professionals in this industry, the opportunity to invest in a wide range of digital currencies and assets. The business recently entered the B2B2C market by launching its White Label Solution, which enables fintech companies, traditional banks and online platforms to give their users access to trading that is compliant and secure.

Lydia, is a daily financial app that has over 5 million users. Its easy-to-use platform gives users ways to manage all aspects of financial life – from current and shared accounts, loans, bank transfers to investments and mobile payments. Launched in 2013 by Antoine Porte and Cyril Chiche, the Paris-based fintech company has raised over €140 million from international investors. 

The partnership will facilitate access to digital asset investing for everyone. 


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