2021: The Era of Stablecoins

  There is no denying the hoopla and optimism surrounding cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin. While the financial experts are largely upbeat about such cryptocurrencies’ prospects, one cannot overlook their volatile nature. The value of Bitcoin hovered around $6,000 in November 2019, and the next month it surged to $20000. Within two months, it again nosedived to $7000. This instability has kept…

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eCommerce Might See a Surge In Crypto Payments In 2021

There is no way you can overlook the growth and popularity of eCommerce. Billions of people across the globe buy myriads of things and services online nowadays. This is largely owing to the numerous conveniences associated with online shopping. The lucrative promotions and offers doled out by the eCommerce giants are also responsible for this spectacular growth. In 2019, total…

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