Payscript Participates in An Informative AMA Session With The Grey Cryptohub

Our team at Payscript is excited to announce that Nadeem Shaikh, the CEO of Payscript was a part of a very informative and interactive AMA session held by TheGreyCryptohub on 4th September 2021. The response received was truly overwhelming with over 1000 active members in the AMA asking over two hundred different yet innovative questions. TheGreyCryptoHub also had kept a pool prize worth 100$ for some lucky participants.

The response we received was truly overwhelming with over two hundred questions asked during the live AMA session and many more on Twitter and other social media platforms.The questions asked in the session ranged from details about the inspiration behind starting Payscript to what our future prospects are, our goals and how we are moving towards them. 

Here is a glimpse of some of the queries that were asked during the session.

1. What exactly is Payscript?

Payscript is building a payment orchestration framework. Our mission is to simplify Digital Payments and remove barriers to crypto adoption. We are a crypto exchange based out of Australia. To be specific we are registered with AUSTRAC, australian regulatory body, as a digital currency exchange services provider. We have built simple and easy to use software such as Digital Wallets, Point of Sale Software, Crypto Payment Gateway Widgets to get users started with crypto payments.

2. How easy is Payscript for beginners to use? Does crypto payment need a Plugin and API? 

The ease of use of Payscript is actually our USP. Right now the existing wallets are complex and a new user gets intimidated or scared of using crypto. We solve this problem by creating a secure hosted wallet infrastructure. A user can sign up on Payscript by using their email and we create hot wallets for users.From this point, users are able to accept crypto payments, send crypto just using email or easy to use payment links. Users can feel free to use either our Web Application, Mobile application  or they can directly integrate our plugins and APIs natively in their websites and applications.

3. Is the payscript project a global or a local one? Which market are you currently focusing on, or are you building and expanding to gain customers, users, and partners?

Payscript is a global product. You just need a smart phone and internet to use payscript. We will soon be supporting Stable Coins which means people in unbanked countries can go digital without the complex process of getting bank facilities. We are making it easier for users to get into Digital Crypto Banking all over the world.

As I mentioned earlier, we started in Australia. We are already working with a local Partner in Canada, We will be expanding to UAE in this month itself and our next target is India. We will soon be setting up shop in India having a population of more than a billion people. We will expand to other regions in quick succession.

4. Nowadays, NFT is becoming more popular, and many projects come out related to NFT. So how do you rate the potential that Payscript NFT can bring? Do you have any plans to make NFT become a new market trend?

We have already built API’s for issuing NFTs on the Cardano network  via Payscript. We will be launching our own NFT Marketplace. The cool thing about our Marketplace is that when a user creates an NFT on Payscript platform, they can choose which Blockchain they want to use to mint the NFT. We will support Cardano and Algorand to start with and later on support BSC as well.

5. What is the most ambitious goal of your project? What is the ultimate vision that you are trying to achieve your project in the cryptocurrency market? 

Our Ambition is to onboard the next billion users in the crypto ecosystem. We need support from all our community members to achieve this. Imagine how fast the “Internet” has grown over the last decade and the crypto ecosystem is just growing at an even faster adoption rate. We want every merchant in the world to be able to transact freely and globally using crypto via Payscript Software. We can’t do this alone and hence we are partnering with top companies around the world to bring the Payscript as well as Crypto Adoption.

Our team at Payscript is thankful to everyone who participated in the AMA session and we hope to have many such interactive sessions in the future.

About Payscript 

Payscript is a payment orchestration platform that simplifies digital payment acceptance and crypto spending, breaking down barriers to widespread crypto adoption.

What can one do with Payscript?

We have created simple and easy to use software for Digital Wallets, Digital Currency Exchange, Point of Sale transactions and Crypto Payment Gateway Widgets that empower merchants to start accepting crypto payments via multiple channels. Our powerful API’s allow for the complete solution featureset to be integrated natively in existing mobile/web applications and platforms. 

Whether you are an E-commerce store/Marketplace or a financial institution such as a Bank, using our configurable API you can take full control and incorporate crypto into your business however you see fit.

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