Nadeem Shaikh, CEO of Payscript speaks at Seamless 2022-Dubai

What’s more pumping than to speak and learn about the future of payments and digital growth along with the experts themselves!

The largest and most influential event for the payments, fintech, identity, retail & e-commerce industry with some incredible sessions in the conference theaters of Seamless Middle East at Dubai World Trade Center from industry experts including a special address from Nadeem Shaikh who was invited to represent Payscript amongst 350+ biggest brands. He discussed amazingly how rapid evolution of payments methods is the new normal with the crypto-world introducing Payscript that accept, trade and manage top crypto currency in the same wallet.

For now featuring a few highlights from his speech below.

About Seamless

A world leading exhibition & conference in payments, fintech, e-commerce, retail & identity. For 22 years Seamless has been a meeting place for the brightest and most innovative minds. Seamless is a multi-brand exhibition, with over 10,000 annual attendees and a world leading strategic payment conference. The conference covers areas of fintech, payments, retail and ecommerce, in the format of presentations, panel discussions and roundtables – hosted by regional and international experts. The exhibition welcomes hundreds of market leading industry players from banks, exchange houses, insurance, telcos, merchants, enterprise, government, fintech’s and tech startups, all looking to procure and collaborate with the latest tech and services on the market.

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This year at Dubai, 15,000 global attendees, meaning this has officially been biggest event in Seamless’s 22 years of history where Nadeem, a passionate evangelist for Blockchain and Cryptocurrencies talks about Cryptocurrencies, Digital Dollars and the Future of Money at this payment conference in Dubai where he starts with talking about money and its evolution.

Evolution of Money

The system of exchange has moved from swapping animal skins to minting coins to printing paper money, and today, we appear to be on the cusp of a massive shift to electronic transactions and crypto currencies. The monetary system will surely continue evolving as long as humans require a medium of exchange.


The history of money has created a new chapter. From Bartering to Banknotes to Bitcoin, we have come a long way.

Nadeem explains how Bitcoin is an innovative payment network and a new kind of money with no intermediates. He also introduced what exactly Central Bank Digital Currency (CBDC) is.

As the number of crypto users buying, trading and holding crypto is growing at immense rate, we have moved beyond conceptual discussions of CBDCs and we are now in the phase of experimentation. CBDC is about finding the delicate balance between developments on the design front on the policy front, he continues.

Not only he just discussed the topics of crypto currency but he also came up with an amazing solution for how to accept, trade and manage top crypto currency in the same wallet introducing Payscript-Digital Assets Infrastructure.

Adequacy of Payscript

Where everything from digital money to wholesale/retail CBDC was discussed in this conference, Nadeem came up with simplifying digital payments and removing barriers to crypto adoption using Payscript.

Below are solutions provided by Payscript

  • Payscript Payment Gateway
  • Payscript Cards
  • Forex Remittance
  • Digital Asset Issuance
  • Payscript Checkout

Comment and Share your views on crypto currencies. And if you wish to transform online crypto-payments, put your trust in an experienced company like Payscript, which ensures success with smooth and easy procedure.

About Payscript 

Payscript is a Digital Asset  platform that simplifies digital payment acceptance and crypto spending, breaking down barriers to widespread crypto adoption.

What can one do with Payscript?

We have created simple and easy to use software for Digital Wallets, Digital Currency Exchange, Point of Sale transactions and Crypto Payment Gateway Widgets that empower merchants to start accepting crypto payments via multiple channels. Our powerful API’s allow for the complete solution featureset to be integrated natively in existing mobile/web applications and platforms. 

Whether you are an E-commerce store/Marketplace or a financial institution such as a Bank, using our configurable API you can take full control and incorporate crypto into your business however you see fit.

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