How a collector lost $391,000 – Bored Ape NFT ACCIDENTALLY sold for $115

Recently there has been a lot of talk on many social media channels about how a Bored Ape Yacht Club NFT, with a value of $391,000, was accidentally sold for $115. That means the NFT was sold at a price that is 99.97% less than the current asking price.

People have made various speculations about how this happened. According to data from OpenSea the unlucky investor was cchan.eth At first sight, it appears that cchan.eth wanted to sell Bored Ape #835 for 115 ETH, which at the time of writing was valued roughly $391,000.

But, a fat-fingered blunder may have resulted in them opting for DAI, a stablecoin pegged to the dollar one-to-one.

Wait, there’s more!

According to documents, a Mutant Ape belonging to cchan.eth was also sold for 25 DAI — $25 — much less than the current floor price of $76,000.

Because it has happened twice, there are concerns that cchan.eth has been hacked.

Overall, the collector has faced a loss of around $470,000 in profit. The offers that were placed for both the NFTs have been placed at way higher prices.

However, artchick.eth had a different theory. She offered a different explanation for what happened in a tweet given below:

“Feels more like a tax evasion attempt, they sold their mutant for $25 to the same wallet. They’ll probably claim they were scammed and may even have the audacity to try to write it off, they bought the ape for 16 ETH. If it was a mistake, I wish them well, it’s quite a loss.”

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