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Payscript enables merchants to accept worldwide payments with zero exposure and fraud chargeback risk. By integrating Payscript wallet as a payment processing solution, commercial merchants can receive payments from their consumers and deposit funds to their banks while benefiting from a user-friendly interface. Below are three significant benefits of Payscript for a Merchant:

Online Payment

Are you accepting Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies in return for your product or service? If not! It would be best if you thought about doing so. Along with easy implementation, you’ll gain the ability to process cross-border transactions with no mediator.

Managing your business transactions, invoices, quick payments have never been so secure; payscript offers you a seamless and friendly platform to conduct all your finances at one place. With Payscript, you can manage your crypto-transactions in a safe environment and transfer the payment to your bank accounts (after converting into your local currency) swiftly. Payscript enhances the user experience by leveraging distinct plugins, integrations, buttons, APIs, and IPNs. All of these additions to the platform collaboratively make the online payment process smooth and enhance the user experience.

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The cryptocurrency industry is one of the most booming ones which sustains a constant buzz of excitement among merchants and consumers alike. There’s an air of modern technology and reliableness that blankets this space. Such technology, when leveraged by skilled experts, can offer numerous beneficial features to its users.

Payscript simplifies the process of invoicing for merchants. Merchants registered on the platform receive a rich choice of digital coins and fiat currencies to pick from and request a payment from their consumers. To generate an invoice on Payscript is quite easy. The merchants would be brought to a page where they would have to add a description of the product/service, input an amount in the relevant currency and then set the number of days before the invoice lapses. The merchants or consumers will be able to view the invoice with a unique QR code. Also, the traders can copy a link they can send to their clients.

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Can you believe that it took ten days (at max) to make a bank transfer in 2018? But today with cryptocurrency and platforms like ours, you can safely move a large amount of money quickly and in a much more affordable manner. Payscript not just benefits in transferring the funds but also helps the merchants in delivering a smooth and quick transaction experience via their website or app.

By integrating Payscript as their payment solution partner, merchants can use cryptocurrency as a quick and inexpensive means for moving value. They can instantly convert their incoming crypto tokens or coins to native (fiat) currency. Furthermore, with in-store integration of Payscript wallet, merchants may profit by minimising the typical fees charged by payment processors. So, whether you’re a high volume merchant who wishes to hold cryptocurrencies or a smaller one who aims at converting them into native regularly; Payscript makes it super easy for you to accomplish this.

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More coins to transact will be available soon

Payscript supports the major cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin (BTC) and Ethereum (ETH). We would be accepting more crypto coins as payments in the near future, keep watching this space for the updates.

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