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Blockchain is an innovative, groundbreaking technology requiring extraordinary scrutiny methods and expertise, which makes Business Analysis efficient, adding to the company's success.

Employing cryptocurrencies for making payments has made it Quick, Clean, and Safe. Then processing fees associated with the payment is quite lower than usual bank transaction charges plus no hidden charges; that is why cryptocurrencies are adopted on a large scale by the businesses and consumers. The program behind cryptocurrency, i.e., blockchain leaves no scope for recalling the made payments, thereby securing you from chargebacks and cheating.

  • Quick, Safe, and Secure.
  • Minimal transaction fees
  • Greater Access to Credit
  • No chargebacks, frauds or scam
  • Easier International Trade
  • Individual Ownership

Cryptocurrencies are the most secure payment method, along with minimal transaction fees. Several surveys have reported that accepting payments in cryptocurrencies can save up to 2 to 5 per cent of your costs per transaction. Payscript offers a new payment option over the conventional payment methods available to the end consumers.

You can gain an advantage over your competitors by using Payscript, who are not offering this new additional payment alternative to their customers. Around 28 per cent of customers leave without completing the payment if not getting the preferred payment option of their choice.

We do not play any role in keeping or locking-up your money.

The cryptocurrencies are designed in a way that all the payments made by your customers get directly stored in your hot wallets, which gives you complete authority and possession of your money.

There is no cost to sign up and using a wallet on Payscript. There are no fees charged by Payscript for sending or receiving crypto and point of sale transactions. However, users will have to pay Blockchain Network fee (this fee is levied because of the corresponding blockchain protocol transaction fee).

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