Payscript Branding Assets


Payscript is a payment orchestration platform to simply digital payments and remove barriers to crypto adoption.

 Payscript bridges the gap between cryptocurrency owners and merchants. Currencies owners willing to utilize their crypto tokens/coins to buy any goods/services can grab the benefits of Payscript. Payscript enables merchants to accept payments in terms of Bitcoins or other cryptocurrencies rather than traditional methods like credit/debit cards or net banking.

Iconic/Combination Logo Design

A wordmark or letter-mark with a symbol (often called a logomark) is what makes up a combination logo. Elements may be used together or separately, tied closely or loosely. This type of logo can be very effective in communicating both what a company does and what it stands for its corporate personality. You can use the symbol on its own e.g. in social media profile photos or favicons, or just the wordmark or letter-mark when you need it.

Clear Space

The logo must always be surrounded by open space, free from any other element. The minimum spacing is equivalent to the width of the “Logo Symbol” in Payscript on all four sides.



Payscript Logo – White


Payscript Logo Mark


Payscript Logo Mark – White

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