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What are DeFi Payments, and how will they guide future Crypto Payments?

If you hear about DeFi payments and scratch your head, you are not alone.  DeFi payments have only recently ventured into the crypto world and quickened its adoption pace. That’s the reason many of us might not have heard much about it.  But if you’re to agree with financial and crypto specialists,  DeFi payments are going to bring a major…

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An Insight Into The Impact Of Stable Coins Globally

1 Over the last few years, the world has witnessed some exceptional advancement in technology and innovations especially in digital transactions. With the advent of cryptocurrency and the world’s focus on Bitcoins, a new competitor ‘Stablecoin’ slowly crept its way into the limelight.  Stablecoins primarily emerged in the year 2018 with a motive of safeguarding its users from the high…

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