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Cryptocurrency Vs. Traditional Banking: What are the Differences?

For a number of years now, Bitcoin and other Cryptocurrencies have gained tremendous popularity all over the world. As of September 2021, the Bitcoin market cap is over $970B, with the total crypto market worth over $2 Trillion. There are at least 100 million bitcoin users worldwide and over 18 million bitcoins in circulation. Still, with this widespread popularity, many…

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Rug Pulls: All you need to know, and how to avoid one

The blockchain industry is gaining widespread recognition daily with its ever-evolving innovations, and this sees coins like Bitcoin and Ethereum growing rapidly in market capitalization. However, the flood in the market also makes it a crucial area for hackers and scammers to operate. They adopt several means to achieve this, one of which is called “Rug Pull.” Rug pulling is…

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