Quick Transactions

Payscript leverages the power of cryptocurrencies to realize faster transactions and procession at cheap prices with low transaction fees.


Top-notch Security

Cryptocurrencies operate on a decentralized platform, Payscript as crypto-wallet offers additional security with private keys and addresses.


Easy Implementation

Payscript helps you in setting up your crypto wallet effortlessly. The integration of interactive APIs enables the platform to offer varied benefits.

Experience Seamless Transactions on an eCommerce Site

Here’s a demo how Payscript transforms every bit of your experience on any eCommerce site


Transferring Coins Effortlessly

With Payscript, you can transfer crypto-coins instantly from one wallet to another. Secure & Hassle-free.



Get done with your payments in seconds with crypto-wallet.



Receive payments from the payee directly in the wallet.

How does Payscript Work?

Creating Account
Creating Account

Sign up with Payscript, create an account to leverage smarter ways of transacting.

Requesting Payments
Requesting Payments

Make use of different methods to request payments; website, email, or in person.

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Effortless Transaction
Effortless Transaction

Once the payment request is placed, the payee is directed to the payments page.

Getting Paid
Getting paid

Within seconds the payment gets transferred from payee to the receiver, swiftly.

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Download Payscript Wallet App

Download Payscript Wallet App

The Payscript Wallet enables you to buy, sell, send, receive and swap between cryptocurrencies without ever having to leave the security of your wallet.

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